What is a Medicare Advantage?

Medicare Advantage, also known as Medicare Part C, is a plan provided by private insurance companies with the help from subsidies provided by the government so that the insurance company can design network-based plans at various premiums.

These plans are normally designed with copays and coinsurance throughout the plans as a form of cost share that the client would assume when joining one of these plans. Most plans may offer additional benefits at no additional cost to you.

So let's take a closer look at Medicare Advantage Plans.

Medicare Advantage Upside:

  • It’s convenient to have a single plan for everything

  • The plan covers everything traditional Medicare covers (hospital insurance and medical insurance) as well as emergency and urgent care

  • Most plans also include prescription drug coverage

  • Your eligibility isn’t affected by health or financial status

  • Many plans may cover additional benefits.

  • Zero to low dollar premiums

Medicare Advantage Down Sides:

  • You’re typically restricted to certain doctors in your network (unless it’s an emergency)

  • Plan premiums can change from year to year

  • Can be difficult to switch to Medigap later on

  • Plan benefits can change from year to year

  • You’re subject to high deductibles and co-pays that tend to range from $3,400-$6,700

What kind of plans can I choose from?

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